Feds Release CETA Text

On September 26, 2014, the Canadian Federal Government released the much-anticipated text for CETA (otherwise known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and Europe).  The Government has indicated that the text has been released for information purposes only, and reflects the end of the negotiations between Canada and the EU.  However, the text will be subject to further legal review.

CETA includes provision relating to Trademarks and Geographical Indications, Data Protection, Plant Varieties and Enforcement and Border Measures, among other things.  Many of Canada’s obligations under CETA have been addressed in Bill C-31 and Bill C-8.   For example, CETA requires Canada to adhere to the Madrid Protocol, as well as the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks.  CETA also expands the protection of geographical indications beyond spirits and wines to agricultural products and foodstuffs.

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