Trade-mark Symbols: ™ and ®

As soon as you begin using a trade-mark in commerce, be sure to mark your trade-mark with the ™ symbol.   Anyone who claims rights in a trade-mark may use this symbol, even if the mark has not yet been registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.    Once a trade-mark has been registered, the ® symbol may be used.

The use of trade-mark symbols is not mandatory in Canada, however it is strongly recommended as these symbols provide public notice that you are using a word(s) or design as a trade-mark, or that you have registered your trade-mark.

Keystroke shortcuts for these symbols are as follows:

To create the Trade-mark symbol ™,  hold the Alt key and type 0153.

To create the Registered symbol ®, hold the Alt key and type 0174.

For further information on proper trade-mark symbol use, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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